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Sunday 5 May 1991 - MELBOURNE

Source: TV Week, 4 May 1991

  ABV2 HSV7 GTV9 ATV10 SBS28  
6AM Rage (cont'd) 6am Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids
6.20 The Super Sunday Show
(5.55am) Kenneth Copeland
6.55 Turn Round Australia
(5.30am) Hour Of Power
6.30 Mass For You At Home
7AM 7.20 AFL Squadron
7.30 Wombat
7.20 Point Of View
7.30 CTA Special
7am This Is The Life
7.30 The Great Space Coaster
8AM 8am Butterfly Island
8.30 Runaway Island
8am Business Sunday 8am Video Hits  
9AM 9am Couch Potato With Grant Piro 9am Sportsworld
Bruce McAvaney
9am Sunday
Jim Waley
9.30am Maltese News (Malta)  
10AM 10am Super League Highlights 10am Greek News (Greece)
10.30 European Football
11AM 11am World Of Worship 11am Wide World Of Sports 11.30 Italian Soccer  
12PM 12pm Sunday Afternoon With Peter Ross 12pm Basketball: NBL 12pm Movie: The 300 Spartans. 1961 [IMDB] 12.30pm World Soccer
Les Murray
1PM 1pm Polo Challenge Highlights 1.30 Anne's International Kitchen  
2PM 2pm Football: AFL
Sydney Swans v Geelong.  Live from Sydney
2pm Movie: The Man From The Diner's Club. 1963 (B&W) [IMDB] 2.25 Movie: Blue Fire Lady. 1978 [IMDB] 2pm Italia News (Italy)
2.30 Special: 1991 Eurovision Song Contest
4PM 4pm Sports Sunday
Ken Sutcliffe, Tony Greig
4.30 The Muppet Show  
5PM 5pm Sunday Rugby 5pm Football: AFL
Footscray v Richmond
5pm Time Tunnel 5.30 My Place, My Land, My People  
6PM 6pm The Good Life
6.30 Yes Prime Minister
6pm Seven Nightly News
Peter Mitchell
6.30 The Magical World Of Disney
6pm National Nine News
Peter Hitchener
6.30 Our World
6pm Ten Eyewitness News
Mal Walden
6.30 Window On The World
6pm Hotline
Silvio Rivier
6.30 World News
Lee Lin Chin
7PM 7pm ABC News
Sue McIntosh
7.30 The Trials Of Life
7.30 The Main Event
Larry Emdur
7.30 60 Minutes
Mike Munro, Richard Carleton, Jennifer Byrne, Jeff McMullen
7.30 The Simpsons 7pm Vox Populi
Rhoda Roberts
7.30 Made In Latin America (UK)
8PM 8.20 ABC News
8.30 True Stories
8.30 Movie: Three Fugitives. 1989 [IMDB] 8.30 Movie: She's Having A Baby. 1988 [IMDB] 8pm Col'n Carpenter
8.30 Movie: Great Balls Of Fire. 1989
8.30 Mini-Series: The Betrothed (Italy) [IMDB]  
9PM 9.25 ABC News
9.30 The Singing Detective
9.55 The Movie Show  
10PM 10.40 Compass 10.30 Motor Racing: Australian Touring Car Championships 10.45 Nightline
10.50 Movie: Private School. 1983
10.45 Sportsweek
Eddie McGuire, Stephen Quartermain
10.25 The Comedienne (Poland)  
11PM 11.10 Hill Street Blues 11.30 Tennis: Davis Cup
Live from France
11.15 Rugby League 11.20 Movie: Respectable People. 1974 (Italy)  
12AM 12am Close 12.40am Movie: The Young Lions. 1958 (B&W) [IMDB] 12.45am Ten Newswatch
(continues to 7am)
1AM 1.10am Close  
3AM 3.45 Movie: Three Stripes In The Sun. 1955 (B&W) [IMDB]  
4AM 4am Movie: Back To The Planet Of The Apes. 1974 [IMDB]  
5AM 5.45 Ivan's Face To Face
(continues to 6am)
5.30 Barney Miller
(continues to 6am)


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