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Thursday 15 June 1967 - MELBOURNE

ATV0 created history when it telecasts the Pakenham race meeting in colour - the first live colour telecast in Australia - though only ATV0 executives, representatives of the Australian Broadcasting Control Board and invited members of the press could see the colour pictures on specially purchased TV sets not generally available in Australia.

Source: TV Week, 17 June 1967

Article from TV Times, 28 June 1967
9AM 9.05 For Schools:
9.05 Form One Maths, 9.25 Form One Science, 9.45 Form One Maths
10AM 10.05 Play School
10.50 For Schools:
10.50 Hamlet, 11.15 Making Music, 11.35 Form Two Maths
10.28am Prologue
10.30 Playroom
10am The Magic Circle Club
10.30 Take A Letter
11AM 11.55 Close 11.50am Prologue
11.55 Herald Sun News
Geoff Raymond
11am Here's Humphrey
11.30 Concentration
11am Girl Talk
11.30 The Marriage Game
12PM 12pm Beauty And The Beast
12.30 Movie: His Girl Friday. 1940
12pm Burns And Allen
12.30 Movie: Till We Meet Again. 1944
12pm Pakenham Races
Bert Bryant, John Russell, Philip Gibbs
1PM 1.25 For Schools:
1.25 Making Music, 1.50 Form Two Maths, 2.40 Form One Science, 3pm Form Five Maths
2PM 2pm Casebook
2.30 People In Conflict
2pm The Tommy Hanlon Show
2.30 Frank Wilson's Letter Charades
3PM 3.30 World Film Playhouse
3.55 Cartoons
3pm It's That Time 3pm Divorce Court
3.30 Douglas Fairbanks Theatre
4PM 4.05 The Magic Boomerang
4.30 Lassie
4.55 The Forest Rangers
4pm Jet Jackson
4.30 Fireball XL5
4pm The Eighth Man
4.30 Wyatt Earp
5PM 5.20 This Is Your World
5.30 Hey Presto It's Rolf!
5pm Rin Tin Tin
5.30 Robin Hood
5.55 SSB Club
5pm National Velvet
5.30 The Bugs Bunny Show
5pm The Flintstones
5.30 Kommotion
6PM 6pm Something Else
6.30 The Donna Reed Show
6pm Gomer Pyle USMC
6.30 News
6pm The Littlest Hobo
6.30 Television City News
6pm The Three Stooges
6.15 ATV News
Barry McQueen
6.30 The Patty Duke Show
7PM 7pm News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 This Day Tonight
7pm I Dream Of Jeannie
7.30 My Name's McGooley - What's Yours?
7pm My Three Sons
7.30 Alfred Hitchcock Hour
7pm Mr Terrific
7.30 Mission Impossible
8PM 8pm Movie: Lost. 1956 [IMDB] 8pm The Man From UNCLE 8.30 Peyton Place 8.28 News Headlines
8.30 Say It With Music
Barry Crocker
9PM 9.25 Kipling 9pm The Mavis Bramston Show 9pm Coronation Street
9.30 In Melbourne Tonight
9.30 The Jimmy Hannan Show  

10PM 10.15 News, Weather
10.25 The Detective
10pm British Playhouse 10.45 Television City News
Includes League Teams
10.58 News Headlines  
11PM 11.15 Close 11pm Review
11.20 Close
11.15 Mr Lucky
11.45 Epilogue
11.50 Close
11pm The Third Man
11.30 Rebel
12AM     12am Close  


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