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Monday 17 November 1980 - SYDNEY

Source: TV Week, 15 November 1980

  ABN2 ATN7 TCN9 TEN10 SBS0/28  
6AM     6am Rocky And Bullwinkle
6.30 King Leonardo And His Short Subjects
6.55 Go Health

7am The Odd Ball Couple
7.30 Shazzan

8AM 8am Sesame Street 8am Magazine Seven

8am Space Ghost
8.30 The Go Show

9AM 9am For Schools: Musical Triangles
9.30 Play School

9am The Many Wives Of Patrick
9.30 Celebrity Tattletales

9am Here's Humphrey 9am Building A People
9.05 Batman And Robin
9.30 The New Adventures Of Superman

10am For Schools:
10am Watch, 10.20 Industrial Arts, 11am The Media, 11.20 The Survivors, 11.40  Thinkabout/Talkabout

10am Romper Room

10am Ed Allen Show
10.30 Donna Fargo Show

10am Fat Cat And Friends
10.30 Bernard King

11AM 11am Eleven AM
Steve Liebmann

11am Division Four
11.55 News

11am Good Morning Sydney  
12PM 12.35pm Weekend Magazine (Rpt) 12pm Movie: The Dion Brothers [IMDB] 12pm The Mike Walsh Show 12pm Movie: A Talent For Loving [IMDB]  

1pm ABC News
1.10 Weather
1.11 For Schools:
1.11 Out N About, 1.35 Social Science, 1.55 Music In Performance, 2.15 Legal Studies

1.30 Luke's Kingdom  
2PM 2pm Movie: The Jackals [IMDB] 2.30 Big Valley 2pm Have A Go
Jimmy Hannan, Bernard King, Christine Broadway

3.25 News
3.30 What's Happening

3pm Six Million Dollar Man  
4PM 4pm Alexander's Afternoon 
Including Play School, Pinocchio, Huntingtower.

4pm Shirl's Neighbourhood
4.30 Wombat

4pm Big Blue Marble
4.30 Animals Animals Animals

4pm Wonder World
4.30 Studio Ten

5PM 5.35 All The Green Year

5pm Good Times
5.30 Get Smart

5pm Huckleberry Hound
5.30 Out Of The Blue

5pm The Bluestone Boys
5.30 The Gong Show


6pm The Wombles
6.05 David Nixon Magic Show
6.30 My Favourite Martian
6.54 Videodisc

6pm Seven Sydney News
Steve Liebmann
6.30 Seven National News
Roger Climpson

6pm The Young Doctors
6.30 National Nine News
Brian Henderson

6pm Eyewitness News
Katrina Lee, Ron Wilson
6.28pm News Headlines
6.30 The Hot Wind (Yugoslavia)

7pm ABC News
7.30 Sykes

7pm Willesee At Seven
7.30 Beyond Westworld

7pm Sale Of The Century
7.30 Fantasy Island

7pm And Mother Makes Three
7.30 John Laws' World

7.30 Numero Un (France)  

8pm Leave It To Charlie
8.30 The World On Monday: Encounter With Jupiter

8.30 Stone 8.30 WKRP In Cincinnati 8.30 The Yeagers

8.28 News Headlines
8.30 Bel Ami (Italy)


9.20 ABC News
9.30 Nationwide
Clive Hale

9pm Benson
9.25 Go Lotto
9.30 McCloud

9.30 Paris 9.30 World News  
10PM 10pm Sight And Sound

10.30 Newsnight
Mike Peterson, Mike Bailey

10.30 Special Branch 10pm Forum  

11.05 Miss Jones And Son
11.30 Close

11.30 Madigan 11.30 13 Queens Boulevard 11.30 Special Edition 11pm Close  
12AM   12am Movie: Deadfall [IMDB] 12am Number 96  
1AM 1am Close 1am Close  
2AM 2.15 Movie: The Face Of Fear [IMDB]  
3AM 3.45 Movie: The Impersonator [IMDB]  

5.10 Dangerman (B&W)
(continues to 6am)



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