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Monday 28 May 1979 - SYDNEY

Source: TV Week, 26 May 1979

  ABN2 ATN7 TCN9 TEN10  
6AM     6am Thunderbirds    
7AM 7am Super Flying Fun Show 7.30am The Electric Company  
8AM 8am Sesame Street 8am Fat Cat And Friends
8.30 Rainbow
8.55 Something To Sing About
9AM 9am For Schools: Samba Et Bouboune
9.30 Play School
9am Here's Humphrey 9am Movie: Flame In The Streets. 1962 (B&W) [IMDB]  
10AM 10am Close
10.20 For Schools:
10.20 Careers, 10.50 The Art Of The Motion Picture, 11.20 Flip Slide Turn, 11.40 The Arcade Show
10am Romper Room
Miss Patricia
10am Room 222
10.30 Celebrity Squares
10.30 The Bernard King Show  
11AM 11am Eleven AM
Steve Liebmann
11am Another World
11.55 National Nine News
11am Good Morning Sydney
Maureen Duval
12PM 12pm Close
12.35 Weekend Magazine
12pm Movie: The Sunshine Patriot. 1968 [IMDB] 12pm The Mike Walsh Show 12pm Movie: Man On A String. 1971 [IMDB]  
1PM 1pm News, Weather
1.11 Close
1.35 For Schools:
1.35 Music Time, 1.55 Words And Pictures, 2.15 Science Skills, 2.35 Environmental Man
1.30 Days Of Our Lives 1.30 The Steve Raymond Show  
2PM 2pm Department S 2.30 The Young And The Restless
2.55 National Nine News
2.30 The FBI  
3PM 3pm Close 3pm I Spy 3pm General Hospital
3.30 Search For Tomorrow
3.30 Bugs Bunny And Friends  
4PM 4pm ARVO
Includes Play School, Mr Squiggle And Friends, Basil Brush, Famous Five
4pm Michael Bentine
4.30 Flipper
4pm Razzle Dazzle
4.30 Scooby Doo
4pm Battle Of The Planets
4.30 Superman
5PM 5pm Bugs Bunny
5.30 Get Smart
5pm Here's Lucy
5.30 Family Feud
5pm Tarzan  
6PM 6pm The Goodies
6.30 Dr Who
6.55 This Week In Britain
6pm Willesee At Six 
6.30 Seven National News
Roger Climpson
6pm The Young Doctors
6.30 National Nine News
Brian Henderson
6pm Eyewitness News
Katrina Lee, John Bailey
7PM 7pm ABC News
7.30 Are You Being Served?
7pm Willesee At Seven
7.30 The Incredible Hulk
7pm The Sullivans
7.30 Hawaii Five O
7pm MASH
7.30 Mini-Series: Roots - The Next Generations (Part One)
8PM 8pm Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
8.30 The Oracle
8.30 Cop Shop 8.30 Vegas  
9PM 9.20 News
9.30 Nationwide
Clive Hale, Richard Carleton
9.30 The Sweeney 9.30 The Don Lane Show 9.30 Prisoner  
10PM 10.10 The World Of Pam Ayres
10.35 Joan Armatrading
10.30 Monty Python's Flying Circus 10.30 Softly Softly Task Force  
11PM 11.35 The Cuckoo Waltz 11pm Seven National News
11.30 Yus My Dear!
11pm Big Valley 11.30 Special Branch  
12AM 12am Close 12am Close 12am Movie: The Happy Ending. 1969 [IMDB] 12.30am Close  
1AM 1.55 Movie: A Blueprint For Murder. 1953 (B&W) [IMDB]  
3AM 3.15 Movie: An American Dream. 1966 [IMDB]  
5AM 5am Dangerman
(Continues to 6am)


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